About Us

Geoff Lawrence – Head Coach

Head Coach/Trainer Geoff Lawrence originated MadKatz in Northern California. Los Gatos Locos Sport conditioning and Personal Fitness Training Center is the evolution of MadKatz Boxing Club. Operating in one of the worlds hot beds of amateur boxing. Lawrence’s club obtained an aggressive, extremely conditioned, and competitive reputation.

The club was established very briefly in San Pedro, Belize. Though the stay was brief Lawrence’s exposure to the sport in Central America added to the foundation of what has now become MadKatz Boxing/ Los Gatos Locos Sport conditioning and Personal fitness training Center.

The move north landed Madkatz Boxing Club in Kelowna, British Columbia after brief stops in Armstrong and Winfield. The club once again began competing and building a reputation as a highly conditioned, competitive club. This has made Madkatz popular to fitness enthusiasts from Central America to North America.

Lawrence’s recent certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer by the BCRPA has transitioned our club from a competitive amateur coached club into a professionally trained and highly competitive training centre for both competition and fitness. If you are looking for competition or fitness with an edge then look no further than Los Gatos Locos