Boxing Club

The Los Gatos Locos Boxing Club features several programs to help you suite your individual needs.

MadKidz Boxing

Our Young Athletes Program is for Kids and teens that want to make Boxing their #1 sport. For those who are interested in competing in the purest form of competition in sport. Boxing matches athletes for competition based on age, weight and experience. No other sport offers a more even playing field.

Our program is coached by head coach Geoff Lawrence, who has coached boxing in 3 countries and on 2 continents. The young athletes program is the foundation for the LosGatosLocos Fight Team, and we consider it to be one of our highest priorities.



Geoff holds international coaching certification, as well as his international experience. For young boxers, there is no better training.



Rec Boxing Program

The recreational boxing program is perfect for those wanting the fitness and cardio workout of a boxing program, without the contact and sparring.

This is a fun and exciting non-contact boxing program where you’ll learn the boxing skills with bag drills, mitt work as well as drills with a partner.





This program is perfect for men and women who want to add a little spice and challenge to their fitness regime.




Los Gatos Locos Fight Team

The Los Gatos Locos fight team train to compete, and compete to win.



Membership to this elite team is by invitation only, and takes fighter training to the next level.


Advanced plyometrics, strength training and cardio are all incorporated.

Learn the skills of fighting and the skill of fighting.